Kendall-Jackson: First Official Wine Partner of the NBA

The NBA's Pioneering Partnership with Kendall-Jackson


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In a groundbreaking move that intertwines the spirited worlds of sports and viticulture, Kendall-Jackson has secured its position as the NBA's inaugural official wine partner. This historic partnership not only marks a novel venture for the National Basketball Association but also highlights the burgeoning relationship between basketball culture and the appreciation of fine wines. At the heart of this collaboration is a shared narrative of community, legacy, and passion, bridging the gap between the court and the vineyard in an unprecedented alliance.

The seeds of this partnership were sown through a mutual love of basketball by Kendall-Jackson's founder, Jess Jackson, and his enduring friendship with NBA icon Nate Thurmond. This connection, deepened by familial ties and a shared appreciation for the game, blossomed during the pandemic through virtual wine tastings and offerings to the NBA community. Kendall-Jackson's outreach wasn't just limited to its acclaimed Chardonnay; it extended to a selection of fine wines from across the globe, embodying the spirit of camaraderie and sharing.

The NBA's embrace of this partnership as a 'wine league' is a testament to the growing wine culture among its players and fans. High-profile athletes like LeBron James, James Harden, and Dwyane Wade have openly shared their passion for wine, illustrating the drink's significance in fostering connections and enriching experiences within the basketball community. The involvement of figures such as Marcus Jordan and CJ McCollum in the wine world further cements this cultural shift, marrying the finesse of basketball with the elegance of wine.

The core aim of the Kendall-Jackson and NBA partnership is to elevate the presence of fine wines at NBA events, introducing attendees to a world where taste, craftsmanship, and sustainability take center stage. By educating fans about the stories behind each bottle, the partnership seeks to enrich the NBA experience, making it about more than just basketball—it's about community, culture, and connection.

Kendall-Jackson's role extends beyond being a mere partner; it is set to become a pivotal presence at NBA Experiences and the NBA Con, integrating wine education and enjoyment into these high-profile events. The creation of a commemorative wine signifies a tangible celebration of this unique partnership, symbolizing the blend of two distinct worlds united by shared values and passions.

On the WNBA front, La Crema steps into the spotlight as the official wine, aligning with a league known for its commitment to inclusivity, empowerment, and excellence. This partnership not only brings La Crema's exquisite wines to WNBA events but also champions the values both entities hold dear. The focus on women's empowerment, LGBTQ+ equality, and community support underscores the progressive spirit of this collaboration.

Furthermore, both Kendall-Jackson and La Crema are joining forces as the official wine partners of Team USA Basketball, marking a serendipitous alignment with the organization's 50th anniversary. This partnership is more than just a sponsorship; it's a celebration of heritage, achievement, and the unifying power of sport and wine.

Through these collaborations, the NBA, WNBA, and Team USA Basketball are not just embracing wine culture; they're weaving it into the fabric of their identities. These partnerships highlight a sophisticated evolution in the sports industry, where the enjoyment of fine wine becomes an integral part of the fan experience, reflecting a broader appreciation for the finer things in life, on and off the court.

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