Singapore Airlines introduces 'A Celebration of Champagne' for premium passengers

Elevating in-flight luxury with exclusive champagne selections


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Singapore Airlines, one of the world's most renowned air carriers, has recently launched an exclusive program named "A Celebration of Champagne" for its Suites and First Class passengers. This program is a testament to the airline's commitment to enhancing the onboard experience through a refined selection of wines and champagnes.

Over a period of ten months, passengers traveling in Singapore Airlines' Suites and First Class will have the privilege to indulge in a rotation of five carefully selected champagnes. This program adds a third champagne label to the already available prestigious Krug Grand Cuvée and Taittinger Comtes de Champagne. The initiative began with Vilmart Grand Cellier d'Or 2018, served in June and July, followed by Champagne Geoffroy's Cuvee Volupte Blanc de Blanc Vintage 2016. Currently, passengers are being offered Champagne Henri Giraud's Multi-Vintage 2018, and upcoming selections include Charles Heidsieck's Blanc des Millenaires and Champagne Egly-Ouriet's Extra Brut 'VP' Grand Cru.

Rigorous Selection Process and Expert Advisory

Singapore Airlines sources its wines from top vineyards globally, chosen by a panel of world-renowned wine consultants. This panel, established in 1989, includes Michael Hill-Smith, Australia's first Master of Wine; Jeannie Cho Lee, the first Asian Master of Wine; and Oz Clarke, a globally recognized wine authority. The airline's wine selection is meticulously curated through a biannual blind tasting process, complemented by personal vineyard visits to discover exceptional wines available in limited quantities.

Annual Wine Tastings and In-flight Wine Suitability

Singapore Airlines conducts formal wine tastings annually in Singapore, where over 3,000 bottles of red and white wines, champagnes, and spirits are evaluated. These tastings focus on the wine's appearance, bouquet, and flavor, also considering the unique atmospheric conditions aboard an aircraft. This careful selection ensures that the wines and champagnes offered on board are of the highest quality and suited to the cabin environment.

Wine Education and Recognition

As an approved provider of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust programs in the United Kingdom, Singapore Airlines educates its cabin crew on wine fundamentals. Selected crew members who achieve the necessary certification can become Singapore Airlines sommeliers, further elevating the onboard wine experience for passengers. The airline's commitment to quality has been recognized with numerous awards, including five gold awards at the Cellars in the Sky Awards 2022.

With the introduction of "A Celebration of Champagne," Singapore Airlines reaffirms its dedication to providing a superior travel experience, emphasizing the importance of exceptional wine and champagne offerings on board. This initiative not only enhances the luxury of travel for its premium passengers but also showcases the airline's continued pursuit of excellence in all aspects of its service.

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