Beontag Ushers in a New Era of Wine Labeling in Latin America with Eco-Friendly Innovation

Beontag Unveils Eco-Friendly Wine Labels Made with Grass Fiber


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In an exciting development for the wine industry, Beontag, one of the leading global manufacturers known for its high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesives and smart tags, has recently unveiled its latest innovation—a new line of self-adhesive wine labels specifically designed for the Latin American market. This strategic launch not only highlights Beontag's dedication to technological advancement but also underscores its commitment to enhancing the rich winemaking traditions that Latin America is celebrated for worldwide.

The star of the new product line is the Grass Natural label, which boasts an eco-conscious composition of up to 40% grass fiber, blended with FSC certified cellulose. This label, along with the sophisticated White Martelé label, represents a leap forward in design and functionality, offering enhanced moisture resistance that promises to set a new benchmark in the industry.

Mauro Lerner, General Manager of LATAM GLM (Graphic and Label Materials) at Beontag, shared his enthusiasm about the launch, stating, "We are proud to enter the Latin American wine market with the innovative approach that has come to define our place in the many sectors that we serve. By offering improved and innovative label materials solutions to the wine market, we support a highly respected global industry while maintaining all of the relevant product and brand information that customers expect."

This announcement is part of Beontag's broader strategy of global expansion and innovation. The company recently expanded its footprint in North America with the addition of a 200,000 square foot facility in Dayton, Ohio, equipped with two new state-of-the-art coaters. This expansion is a testament to Beontag's ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and ensuring a seamless customer experience. As a trusted provider of graphic and label materials, as well as IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, Beontag continues to invest in sustainable technologies, setting a high standard for the industry.

The launch of these innovative labels in Latin America is poised to transform how wineries present and protect their products, marrying tradition with modernity in a way that is both respectful to the environment and aligned with contemporary consumer preferences. For wine producers and aficionados alike, Beontag's new labels offer a fresh glimpse into the future of wine packaging—where functionality meets sustainability without compromising on style.

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