Castello di Fonterutoli: Where Medieval Magic Meets Modern Luxury in the Heart of Tuscany

Mazzei Family's 600-Year Legacy Lives On at Enchanting Castello di Fonterutoli Wine Resort


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Nestled in the rolling hills of Castellina in Chianti, the Castello di Fonterutoli Wine Resort is a slice of medieval magic preserved by the Mazzei family. This enchanting village, lost in time, offers more than just a break from the everyday—it promises an immersive journey into the heart of Tuscany's rich heritage. Whether you're seeking a tranquil retreat or a deep dive into the region's famed wine culture, this estate on the outskirts of Siena offers an experience that's both luxurious and profoundly connected to the land.

The Mazzei family, custodians of the estate since 1435, have masterfully maintained the village's historical charm while infusing it with modern comforts. Guest accommodations are spread throughout various buildings, featuring elegant rooms, suites, and apartments. Some spaces are still adorned with the family's antiques, creating a seamless blend of past and present. Strolling through the village, visitors can savor a Tuscan gourmet meal at Osteria di Fonterutoli or enjoy an aperitif at the Wine Bar, all while surrounded by 650 hectares of lush forests, olive groves, and vineyards.

These vineyards are not just scenic—they're the backbone of Castello di Fonterutoli's winemaking legacy, producing wines that have become international icons since the 1980s. The estate is renowned for its innovation and dedication to quality, exemplified by its Super Tuscan wines that have reshaped the global perception of Italian winemaking.

For newcomers to the estate, the Fonterutoli Wine Tour is a perfect introduction. This tour combines a visit to the winery with a tasting of four distinctive wines, offering a glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship behind each bottle. For a deeper dive, the personalized Cru Experiences provide an in-depth exploration of the estate's most prestigious wines, delving into their unique histories and characteristics.

To complement the wine tasting, the Osteria di Fonterutoli offers Wine & Food Experiences that pair exquisite local dishes with selected wines. Chef Marco Capparelli crafts these meals using seasonal products and game from the estate, ensuring an authentic taste of Tuscany with every bite. Guests can enjoy these culinary delights while taking in the panoramic views of Siena, creating a feast for both the palate and the eyes.

Situated along the scenic Via Chiantigiana, Fonterutoli is ideally located for exploring the broader region. Just 45 minutes from Florence and 15 minutes from Siena, it's a short drive from other historic towns like Volterra, San Gimignano, and Pienza. The estate offers a variety of activities, from guided tours of the Mazzei Estate Cellars and wine tastings to off-road vineyard tours. The cellar itself, designed by Agnese Mazzei, is a marvel of low-impact architecture, carved into the rock and spanning three stories deep. This innovative design is part of the Toscana Wine Architecture project, showcasing contemporary architectural masterpieces.

For those looking to engage in more active pursuits, the surrounding countryside offers endless opportunities for hiking, cycling, and horseback riding. The Strade Bianche, or White Roads, are perfect for exploring the natural beauty of the area. Each fall, the Eroica Tuscany Cycling Tour draws cycling enthusiasts from around the world, celebrating the spirit of the sport with a challenging yet rewarding route through these iconic landscapes.

The Mazzei family's legacy in winemaking is deeply intertwined with Tuscany's identity. Their dedication to excellence and innovation is evident across their estates, including Castello di Fonterutoli in Chianti Classico, Belguardo in Maremma, and Zisola in southeastern Sicily. With a history that spans nearly six centuries, the Mazzei family continues to push the boundaries of winemaking, honoring tradition while embracing progress.

A visit to Castello di Fonterutoli is not just a trip to a vineyard—it's a step back in time, an immersion in Tuscan culture, and a celebration of the art of winemaking. Here, every glass of wine tells a story, every meal is a journey, and every moment is a cherished memory waiting to be made.

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