800-Year-Old Viticulture: San Francesco della Vigna's Legacy in the Heart of Venice

Venice's Oldest Vineyard Produces Harmonia Mundi Sparkling Wine


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San Francesco della Vigna
San Francesco della Vigna

In the heart of Venice, where the labyrinthine canals and storied history meld into a mesmerizing backdrop, Santa Margherita has unveiled Harmonia Mundi, a sparkling wine of exceptional heritage and exclusivity. This is no ordinary bubbly; it is the first sparkling wine ever produced within the enchanting city of Venice, and it carries with it a legacy as rich as the city itself.

Harmonia Mundi emerges from the cloisters of San Francesco della Vigna, a site that has been nurturing Venice's oldest urban vineyard for 800 years. The vineyard's storied past dates back to 1253, making it an indelible part of Venice's agricultural and cultural tapestry. Santa Margherita's agronomists replanted the historic vineyard in 2019 with Glera and Malvasia grapes, reviving ancient techniques such as alberello (bush) training of the vines and manual vineyard operations. These traditional methods, combined with modern viticulture practices, have culminated in a wine that not only honors its origins but also captures the essence of Venice's unique terroir.

The 2022 vintage of Harmonia Mundi, limited to a mere 1,107 bottles, is a tribute to the vineyard's total length in meters. Each bottle is meticulously numbered, underscoring the rarity and exclusivity of this sparkling wine. The Charmat Method used in its production involves a prolonged six-month aging on the lees, which imparts a refined complexity to the wine, echoing the mysticism and timeless charm of its birthplace.

glera grape vineyard
Glera grape vineyard

An Ode to Venice

Beyond the wine itself, Harmonia Mundi's presentation is a homage to Venice. The bottle's design features screen-printed blue and golden hues that evoke the shimmering lights reflecting off the lagoon at night. The elegant gift case, crafted from the wood of disused briccole (navigation posts used in Venice's canals), further ties the wine to its Venetian roots, blending tradition with innovation.

Stefano Marzotto, Vice-President of the Santa Margherita Wine Group, expressed the profound significance of this project, saying, "Recuperating urban vineyards represents one of the most important initiatives that the world of wine can – and should – perform, so as to keep alive its history, its roots, and its traditions. San Francesco della Vigna, with its origins in the thirteenth century, is a testament to Venice's enduring viticultural heritage."

A Legacy of Excellence

Santa Margherita's journey began nearly a century ago with Count Gaetano Marzotto's vision of transforming Italian agriculture. Today, the Santa Margherita Wine Group encompasses ten estates across Italy's prime wine-producing regions, making it one of the country's most significant family-owned wine clusters. With over 27 million bottles sold globally in 2023, the Group continues to honor its heritage while embracing innovation and excellence in winemaking.

The Allure of Harmonia Mundi

Harmonia Mundi is more than just a sparkling wine; it is a testament to Venice's historical and cultural legacy, a blend of tradition and modernity. For oenophiles and history enthusiasts alike, each sip offers a journey through time, encapsulating the spirit of a vineyard that has withstood the tides of centuries.

Whether you're a collector or simply an appreciator of fine wine, securing one of these limited bottles means holding a piece of Venice's storied past in your hands. It's an invitation to savor history, celebrate tradition, and indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship that Santa Margherita continues to uphold.

In the words of Gaetano Marzotto, President of the Group, "Harmonia Mundi is a celebration of our enduring connection to Venice, a city that has shaped our identity and continues to inspire our passion for creating exceptional wines." With Harmonia Mundi, Santa Margherita has indeed captured the harmonious spirit of Venice, offering a sparkling toast to the city's illustrious past and vibrant present.

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