Ana Paula Bartolucci: The Youngest and First Female Winemaker Shaking Up CHANDON Argentina

The Mastermind Behind CHANDON Argentina's Groundbreaking Garden Spritz


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Ana Paula Bartolucci, Advocates Natural Ingredients with the Garden Spritz
Ana Paula Bartolucci, Advocates Natural Ingredients with the Garden Spritz

Ana Paula Bartolucci, a trailblazing figure in the world of wine, has quickly become a name to watch. At the tender age of 32, she's not only shattered glass ceilings by becoming the first female winemaker at CHANDON Argentina but also by joining the ranks as the youngest member of the bodega's research and development team. In September 2023, her prowess and dedication were further recognized when she was appointed Chef de caves at CHANDON Argentina. Under her innovative guidance, CHANDON launched the Garden Spritz in 2021—a groundbreaking, ready-to-serve aperitif that champions natural ingredients without any artificial colors or preservatives, and contains half the sugar of traditional spritzes.

Ana Paula's journey into the world of winemaking was almost destined. Growing up in a family deeply embedded in the wine business, pursuing enology seemed like a natural step. After graduating from the prestigious Universidad Don Bosco in Mendoza at the age of 21, Ana Paula was eager to gain hands-on experience. She honed her skills through internships at local wineries before venturing abroad to South Africa and Spain, broadening her horizons and deepening her understanding of global wine production.

Since joining CHANDON in 2017, Ana Paula has introduced several innovations, but none as celebrated as the CHANDON Garden Spritz. This delightful concoction blends CHANDON Brut with a bitter-liqueur crafted by Ana Paula herself, using 100% organic Valencia oranges sourced locally, handpicked, and enhanced with a selection of herbs and spices. The result is a simple, naturally delicious aperitif that captures the essence of Argentine flavors and has quickly become a hit across Europe and the United States.

A Revolutionary Aperitif Born from Ana Paula Bartolucci's Innovative Spirit
A Revolutionary Aperitif Born from Ana Paula Bartolucci's Innovative Spirit

Ana Paula's approach to winemaking is characterized by creativity, innovation, and a pioneering spirit. She is driven by a passion for perfection and a belief that excellence in the wine industry is a matter of attitude, not gender. Her work not only highlights her personal achievements but also showcases the innovative spirit of CHANDON Argentina.

The story of CHANDON begins in the 1950s when Robert Jean de Vogüé, then president of Moët & Chandon, envisioned producing high-quality sparkling wines outside the Champagne region. This vision led to the establishment of CHANDON Argentina in 1959, the first Moët & Chandon subsidiary outside France. Since then, CHANDON has expanded to six locations worldwide: Argentina, Brazil, Australia, California, China, and India, making it the largest producer of sparkling wines globally and a brand where the sun never sets. Each winery is interconnected, sharing the same brand personality and values, and consistently producing exceptional wines.

Ana Paula Bartolucci's role at CHANDON Argentina not only underscores her personal commitment and skill but also exemplifies how tradition and innovation can blend seamlessly to create something truly unique in the world of wine.

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