Hollywood Icon Woody Harrelson Gets Holistic with Eco-Friendly Booze Company

Harrelson's Holistic Spirits Co. Reinvents Gin and Vodka with a Healthy Twist


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In the glittering world of Hollywood, Woody Harrelson stands out not only for his unforgettable roles in film and TV but also for his steadfast commitment to veganism and environmental sustainability. His latest venture, the Holistic Spirits Co., is a true reflection of his life's ethos—embracing the natural and nurturing the healthy. It's a spirited leap into the world of organic and biodynamic wines and spirits, embodying principles that resonate deeply with his personal philosophy.

During a recent chat featured in Wine Spectator, Harrelson opened up about his journey into the world of alcoholic beverages—a path he embarked on not from tradition but through curiosity. He recalls his first, somewhat unfortunate, encounter with wine at the tender age of 15 and how, years later, friendships with fine wine aficionados nudged him to develop a taste for the nuances of high-quality vintages.

Beyond acting, Harrelson has always been passionate about health and sustainability. These passions now find expression in Holistic Spirits Co., a venture he co-founded with Amy Holmwood. They're starting with something a bit unconventional: producing gin and vodka. What makes their spirits stand out? An innovative use of botanicals like artichoke leaves, elderberries, green tea leaves, and Muscadine grapes. These ingredients not only add a unique twist to the flavor profiles but also align with a healthy lifestyle, being free from sugars, artificial flavors, and GMOs.

Harrelson's approach to spirits is refreshingly mindful and environmentally conscious, appreciating products that are healthier and promote sustainable production methods. This philosophy shines through in his preference for organic and biodynamic wines, especially those from Burgundy known for their low sulfate content and more natural cultivation practices.

Unlike his brother, Harrelson doesn't collect wines. Instead, he treasures memorable moments shared over exceptional bottles with friends—times when conversations deepen and the mutual company enriches the experience. For him, these moments underscore how profoundly wine can influence not just the palate but also the spirit and human connections.

Despite his ventures into spirits with Holistic Spirits, Harrelson remains open to the idea of one day delving into viticulture. He recognizes the vast and competitive nature of the wine industry, replete with exceptional products. Nevertheless, his dream of owning a vineyard lingers, potentially adding another facet to his diverse and creative career.

Harrelson's views on alcohol consumption are balanced and sensible. He acknowledges that while alcohol generally isn't beneficial for health, if one chooses to partake, opting for the cleanest, healthiest options is preferable. This perspective not only underscores his commitment to personal health but also to environmental sustainability. His foray into the spirits business marks yet another step in his long-standing career as an advocate for holistic well-being and respect for nature.

Woody Harrelson's Holistic Spirits Co. isn't just about making spirits; it's about making a statement. By infusing his green ethos into every drop, he hopes to inspire more than just good times but a good future. Cheers to that!

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