Sella & Mosca Reimagines Vermentino for a New Generation

Sella & Mosca's 2023 Vermentinos Showcase the Soul of Sardinia


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Giovanni Pinna
Giovanni Pinna

As the sun sets on another vintage year, Sella & Mosca is stepping into the spotlight with their newly released trio of Vermentino wines from their lush estates in Alghero and Berchiddeddu. This year's lineup includes the vibrant Vermentino di Sardegna DOC Cala, the sophisticated Vermentino di Sardegna DOC Cala Reale, and the exceptional Vermentino di Gallura Superiore DOCG Monteoro, each telling its own story of innovation and tradition.

In the world of wine, change is the only constant. Sella & Mosca recognized this as early as 1976, adapting to the evolving consumer taste that now favored lighter and more approachable wines. Departing from the traditionally hefty Vermentino, the winery undertook a revolutionary approach to winemaking. By minimizing oxygen exposure and controlling fermentation temperatures meticulously, Sella & Mosca ensured their wines not only retained the essence of Vermentino but also resonated with contemporary palates. The result? Wines that are both light in structure and moderate in alcohol, perfectly suited for today's wine enthusiasts.

The Terroir Speaks

Nestled just 10 km from the coastal city of Alghero, Sella & Mosca's I Piani estate spans 520 hectares, making it one of the largest vineyard estates in Europe. The vineyards thrive under the generous Sardinian sun, tempered by soft coastal breezes, creating an ideal microclimate for Vermentino. This unique environment, coupled with the estate's rich biodiversity, allows for the cultivation of grapes that are truly reflective of their terroir, imbued with distinctive flavors and a hint of sea salt.

In the northeast, the 15 hectares of Berchiddeddu boast granitic soils that are a perfect match for Vermentino, contributing to the region receiving the Vermentino di Gallura DOCG designation. It's here that Monteoro is crafted, a wine celebrated for its fresh vibrancy and Mediterranean character.

Harvesting Challenges and Triumphs

The 2023 vintage presented its own set of challenges and surprises. Winemaker Giovanni Pinna notes a year marked by climatic fluctuations — from mild winters to a scorching summer. Despite the reduction in the productive area due to estate restructuring, the harvest yielded grapes that promise exceptional future wines. Vermentino grapes from different parcels showed varied characteristics; some destined for the lighter profile of La Cala and Monteoro, while others were chosen for the richer Cala Reale.

Tasting Notes: A Trio of Excellence

  • Vermentino di Sardegna DOC La Cala 2023 - This wine is a testament to the Alghero region's affinity for Vermentino. Cultivated on ancient marine soils, La Cala is a crisp, straw-yellow wine with green nuances, delivering a symphony of tropical and Mediterranean notes, balanced with a refreshing salinity.
  • Vermentino di Sardegna DOC Cala Reale 2023 - Representing the pinnacle of Sella & Mosca's Vermentino, Cala Reale is harvested from vines grown on ancient marine terrains. The extended cold maceration and careful fermentation process yield a wine with a deep straw-yellow hue, bursting with tropical fruit and underscored by a minerally finish.
  • Vermentino di Gallura Superiore DOCG Monteoro 2023 - Monteoro is the embodiment of the Gallura region's granite-infused terroir. Its brilliant straw-yellow color preludes a complex array of fruity and herbal notes, leading to a palate that is both soft and rich, enhanced by a lively acidity and a lingering marine freshness.

As Sella & Mosca continues to chart the course of Vermentino's future, their 2023 vintages invite us to explore the nuanced depths of this versatile grape. With each bottle, they not only capture the essence of their beloved island but also offer a fresh perspective on what Sardinian Vermentino can be. Cheers to a journey well-traveled and the many sips yet to come!

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