Lungarotti's Dual Anniversaries and Innovations

From Vineyard to Museum


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Torgiano Wine Museum (MUVIT)
Torgiano Wine Museum (MUVIT)

As the golden Tuscan sun rises over the undulating hills of Umbria, a palpable buzz of anticipation and celebration permeates the historic vineyards of Lungarotti. This year, the winery stands on the cusp of milestones and innovations, marking its presence at Vinitaly with a triumphant blend of tradition and forward-thinking. The scene at Lungarotti is one of excitement, as the winery gears up to celebrate not one, but two significant anniversaries. It's a reflection of a journey, a testament to the winery's deep roots in Italian wine culture and its branches reaching eagerly into the future.

In the heart of this celebration is the 50th anniversary of the Torgiano Wine Museum (MUVIT), a treasure trove that houses centuries of viniculture history. Imagine walking through corridors echoing with the stories of wine, where each artifact - from ancient ceramic wine containers to Picasso's vibrant interpretations of wine's joy - narrates a chapter of our collective history with the vine. This museum, praised by the New York Times as the pinnacle of wine museums in Italy, is not just a collection of objects. It's a dialogue between art and the essence of wine, a journey through 5,000 years of humanity's partnership with this enchanting beverage.

Simultaneously, Lungarotti is toasting to the 60th anniversary of its iconic Rubesco Riserva Vigna Monticchio. A wine that has, over decades, encapsulated the essence of Umbrian terroir and the Lungarotti family's pioneering vision. Born from the sun-kissed slopes of the Monticchio vineyard, this Sangiovese cru is a narrative of evolution, a series of vintages that whisper the subtle changes of climate, soil, and human touch. Tasting this wine is akin to flipping through a living history book, each sip a verse in the ongoing saga of Italian winemaking excellence.

But Lungarotti doesn't rest on its laurels. The winery is also unveiling the restyling of the Il Pometo range, a playful and modern homage to its agricultural roots and a nod to the contemporary palate. This collection of monovarietal wines, each a vibrant expression of the Umbrian terroir, represents the winery's gaze towards the future. The labels, adorned with a whimsical toasting cat, bridge the gap between the artistic heritage housed in MUVIT and the everyday joy of enjoying a glass of wine.

Il Pometo range
Il Pometo range

As Lungarotti prepares its showcase at Vinitaly, it's clear that this is not just an exhibition but a celebration of milestones, heritage, and innovation. The winery's presence in Hall 7, Stand B2, is not merely a space but a microcosm of Lungarotti's ethos - a blend of history, art, and the perpetual quest for excellence in wine. This year, Lungarotti doesn't just bring wine to Vinitaly; it brings stories, art, and a vision for the future, all encapsulated in a glass of their finest.

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