Italy exports 1 billion euros to Germany

Despite economic challenges, wine Italian exports to Germany remain strong


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The President of the Ice Agency, Matteo Zoppas
The President of the Ice Agency, Matteo Zoppas

In the heart of Germany's wine passion, the ProWein 2024 fair in Düsseldorf became the canvas for Italy's vibrant wine tapestry, showcasing an unparalleled exhibition that underlined the enduring allure and dynamism of Italian viticulture. With Italy standing proud as the most represented nation amidst the sprawling event from March 10 to 12, a staggering 1,198 Italian exhibitors out of 5,320 total participants painted the town red, white, and bubbly, bringing the essence of Italy's vineyards to the global stage.

The echo of clinking glasses and the murmur of enthusiastic conversations filled the air as Italy's wine artisans, from seasoned vintners to innovative newcomers, shared their liquid artistry with an estimated 50,000 visitors from every corner of the globe. Amidst the robust selection of global wines, Italian vintages, particularly sparkling wines, sparkled a little brighter, reflecting a 6.8% surge in international sales, epitomized by the crossing of the 1 billion euro threshold in exports to Germany alone.

Matteo Zoppas, the president of the Italian Trade Agency (Agenzia Ice), revealed the underlying currents shaping the wine industry's trajectory. Despite a recent slowdown, particularly pronounced in the latter half of 2023, Zoppas's outlook remained steadfastly optimistic. He emphasized resilience and the imperative of collective action to navigate through the tempests stirred by geopolitical tensions, shifting consumption patterns, especially among the youth, and the economic ripples affecting the globe.

The fertile grounds of ProWein 2024 were not just a marketplace but a veritable knowledge vineyard. The event unfurled a rich tapestry of seminars and tastings, masterfully curated within the Ice Agency's space. These gatherings were designed not just to savor Italy's wine but to delve into the stories, the terroir, and the craftsmanship that bottle Italy's soul. This year, the spotlight shone brightly on sparkling wines, their effervescence capturing the spirit of innovation and the timeless elegance that Italian winemaking embodies.

Adding to the event's prestige, the Top 100 Italian Wines, a list curated by Meininger-Verlag, Germany's premier wine and drinks publisher, offered a guided tour through Italy's finest whites, reds, rosés, and sparklings. This selection underscored the diversity and the depth of Italy's viticultural heritage, inviting aficionados and novices alike to explore the rich palette of Italian wines.

In a prelude to the main event, the Meininger Award served as a grand overture, where 22 exquisite wines from 11 consortia were unveiled to an audience of 500 wine professionals. This gathering not only celebrated the pinnacle of Italian winemaking but also fostered a sense of community among those who live and breathe the culture of wine.

The essence of ProWein 2024, however, was best captured in the masterclasses, a collaborative effort with 10 wine protection consortia. These sessions were a bridge connecting the past with the future, tradition with innovation, and the vineyards with the glass, offering a holistic experience that went beyond tasting to understanding the very soul of Italian wine.

As the curtains fell on ProWein 2024, it was clear that the event was not just a showcase but a testament to the enduring bond between Italy and Germany, united by a shared passion for wine. Italy, with its vibrant array of vintages, stood not just as a participant but as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the global wine community, underscoring the country's role as a cornerstone of viticultural artistry and a cherished partner in the dance of international trade.

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