The Making of Moët & Chandon's Latest Masterpiece

Moët & Chandon's Collection Impériale Création No.1


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Daniel Arsham & Benoît Gouez

In the ever-evolving world of fine wines and champagnes, few names shine as brightly as Moët & Chandon. Known for its tradition of excellence and innovation, the Maison has once again set a new benchmark with the unveiling of the Collection Impériale Création No.1. This launch isn't just another addition to their illustrious range; it is a heartfelt homage to Claude Moët, the visionary founder who, in 1743, laid down the pillars of expertise and wine knowledge that propelled Moët & Chandon to the apex of the champagne world. But what makes Collection Impériale Création No.1 stand out? Let's dive into the bubbly and find out.

At the heart of Collection Impériale Création No.1 is a blend that has been over two decades in the making. This isn't just a champagne; it's a narrative of patience, craftsmanship, and a deep understanding of the terroir. It mirrors the complexity and diversity of the Champagne region, weaving together different vintages aged in varied environments to enhance their individual characteristics. Think of it as a designer meticulously selecting threads of different hues to craft a piece of clothing that's not only complex but also unique and timeless.

Moët & Chandon's chef de cave, Benoît Gouez, likens the creation of Collection Impériale Création No.1 to the culmination of Haute Œnologie. Drawing from one of the largest wine reserves in the Champagne region, Gouez has crafted a champagne that encapsulates the depth of time itself. It's a blend of seven remarkable vintages, each uniquely produced, selected, and aged through various processes before being harmoniously assembled. This special cuvée lays its foundations in Moët Impérial, marking a proud moment in the Maison's journey towards its 300th anniversary.

What sets Collection Impériale Création No.1 apart is its embodiment of Haute Œnologie, a term coined by Moët & Chandon to describe the pinnacle of winemaking artistry achieved by its cellar masters over generations. This expertise encompasses the precision of winemaking, selection of the finest vintages, and the strategic aging processes—all aimed at elevating each champagne. The result? A brut nature champagne that offers an explosion of flavors without the addition of sugar at disgorgement.

Visually, Collection Impériale Création No.1 is as stunning as it tastes, with intense, bright yellow hues reminiscent of a canary diamond. Its aroma slowly unveils dry, reductive, and mineral notes, like licorice root, with sweet, fruity notes emerging upon tasting. The palate is treated to a generous and serene experience, expanding into a play of freshness and bitterness, with a persistent smoky licorice finish that leaves a fresh taste.

Contemporary American artist Daniel Arsham signs a work and 85 limited editions of Moët & Chandon's first Collection Impériale cuvée to collect.

Adding to the allure of Collection Impériale Création No.1 is a collaboration with contemporary American artist Daniel Arsham. Known for his eroded art forms, Arsham brings a sense of time passing into tangible form, creating a sculptural work for the Maison that narrates the essence and legacy of Moët & Chandon. This collaboration beautifully bridges the art of champagne making with the world of sculpture, offering collectors 85 limited edition bottles that are nothing short of time capsules.

As Moët & Chandon embarks on the journey towards its tricentennial, the Collection Impériale Création No.1 stands as a testament to the Maison's enduring legacy of innovation, quality, and the celebration of life's most memorable moments. It's not just a champagne; it's a journey through time, an experience waiting to be savored, and a promise of what's yet to come. So, here's to Moët & Chandon, to Claude Moët, and to the many more creations that will continue to enchant us in the years to come.

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